Friday, 14 April 2017

February 14th, 2017

Throbbing Gristle//20 Jazz Funk Greats//Hot On The Heels of Love//1979
AIDS Wolf//The Lovvers LP//We Multiply//2006
CARTOONS//bandcamp//Voice Memo 1//2014
Cindy Lee//Malenkost//Hopeless in a Trance//2017
Cabaret Voltaire//Chapter One LP//Love//1987
Pyrolator//Ausland//True Love Part 1//1981
roladex//Love Surgery LP//Love Surgery (TSTI version)//2013
The Wipers//Alien Boy//Telepathic Love//1980
The Homosexuals//Astral Glamour//Neutron Lover//2004
Buzzcocks//Singles Going Steady//Ever Fallen In Love?//1979
Wire//Pink Flag//Feeling Called Love//1977
Mania D//Track Four//Track 4//1980
Malaria!//New York Passage//Your Turn To Run//1982
Gudrun Gut//In Pieces (Remixes) EP//Move Me//2004
Gut und Irmler//500m//Früh//2014
New Age Steppers//New Age Steppers//Love Forever//1980

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